[Recipe] Egg & Avocado Wrap Using Oven

Breakfasts are usually a rushed affair for us with milo or oats. Not too bad in terms of nutrition, but it could definitely be better.

When I laid my hands on Mission's new Super Soft wraps, I made my favourite wraps egg and avocado again. Yes, imagine creamy scrambled eggs, avocado and other veggies - all in one mouthful. Very yummy! More importantly, I finally managed to power pack more nutrition to the wraps (without breaking the skin LOL), thanks to a new formula which makes the wraps softer and more flexible than the original ones.

What a wholesome breakfast we had - high in monounsaturated fatty acids (excellent for heart health) and protein. Because they made our mornings feel so good, I call them my Sunrise Avo-Taco Wraps. Hope you like them too!

Sunrise Avo-Taco Wrap (Oven)

Yield: 12-halves

6 Super Soft Mission wraps
1 butterhead lettuce
1 avocado, sliced
1 slice of lemon
1 tomato, sliced
3 large eggs
Shredded cheese
Pepper to taste


1) Squeeze.
Squeeze lemon over the avocado to slow down the oxidation/ browning.

2) Preheat.
Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius.

3) Mix.
Beat eggs. Add cheese and pepper, mix well.
4) Cook.
Bake the egg mixture uncovered at 175 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Stir well and continue baking for another 10 minutes or until eggs are set.
5) Heat.
Heat the wraps at 175 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. All your ingredients are now ready!

Tips: Do not overheat as the wraps may burn or become overly crispy/ too brittle for wrapping.

6) Arrange and fold.
Lay the wraps flat. Place the lettuce, avocado and tomato towards the bottom centre part of the wrap. Fold in from the left and right sides, roll up tightly, cut into half and enjoy!

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[Review] Full of Luck Restaurant: Where Modernity and Traditions Meet

Full of Luck Restaurant recently unveiled a new look and menu for its flagship shophouse restaurant at Holland Village. Previously a bar serving dim sums, the restaurant now offers contemporary yet authentic Cantonese cuisine to cater the younger and more fun-loving generation of food lovers.

So instead of the usual har gao, siew mai or char siew bao, think spicy cheese tart, truffle beef claypot rice and raindrop cake.

With Full of Luck being the sister restaurant of Li Bai at Sheraton Towers, we naturally had high expectations. Would it be as good as what we think it would be?


Upon entering this 100-seater two-storey restaurant, we were greeted by a warm cosy atmosphere.

The tea room on the ground floor featured elm wood furnitures, mirrors and counters, while the dining hall on the upper floor with its indoor green veranda offered a modern and casual environment suitable for intimate gatherings.

For those would just like to drop by for a quick business meal or those less acquainted with Chinese/ Cantonese food, the Weekday Set Lunches from $14++/pax and Meal Sets from $31++/pax are available.

As we visited on a lazy Saturday, we chose several ala carte dishes. Here are our top 6 recommended dishes!

1) Crabmeat Chilli Cheese Tart with Pomelo (S$10++)

This dish pays homage to Singapore's famous chilli crab, yet offers an innovative twist to the traditional dessert cheese tart. Served as an appetizer, it kept us engaged and hungry for more as we sank our teeth into the savoury chilli crab meat, soft cheese, juicy bits of pomelo and buttery shortcrust pastry - all in a bite.

We can only describe this as simply delectable and yummy, especially if you love crabs but dislike the hassle of removing the crab shell. We also love cheese and the melted cheese did combine well with the divine sweetness of the pomelo to embellish the overall taste of this appetizer. A tantalizing opening act to introduce the chef's culinary skills.

2) Chef's Signature Honey Glazed Char Siew (S$16++)

Grilled 45 min, the char siew was perfectly charred and slightly crispy on the outside, and the honey provided a nice contrast to the barbequed pork. Instead of a sweet sauce glaze that may be used in other restaurants, the meat here is glazed with honey and the sides torched with sugar.

Every bite was a moment to savour and the meat was lean, yet still juicy. Overall, the meat was soft and lean, and the sides were crispy and almost candy-like. Yummy!

3) Braised Garoupa with Beancurd in Claypot (S$24++)

Braised to simple perfection, enjoy a luxurious claypot filled with fresh slices of garoupa and savoury tender dried bamboo with garlic and a flavourful sauce. The braised garoupa was fresh and overall a dish nicely done. It was not starchy and synergized well with the beancurd.

4) Stir Fried Vegetables with Lily Bulb and Wild Mushrooms ($12++)

This was our favourite dish because it was just cooked to perfection. It was a very healthy dish that felt like it was homemade – with fresh mushrooms, almond flakes and lots of ginko nuts. I am sure many restaurants that market themselves as serving healthy food are going to copy this dish but I doubt they would be able to do it so well.

5) Poached Seafood Rice ($23++)

This was one inspiring dish with generous portions of seafood and we strongly recommend this for the health conscious.

It was a lovely combination of aromatic poached seafood rice with crispy rice crackers and generous servings of fresh prawns, scallops, top shells and mushroom which infused a natural sweetness. It was light tasting and should not be mistaken for the mui fan which is starchy. An epitome of healthy Cantonese cooking, it certainly is a nutritious seafood broth.

6) Osmanthus Raindrop Cake (S$6++)

Remember the raindrop cake - a clear, wobbly and beautifully delicate cake that took the world by storm last year? Full of Luck gives this an oriental floral twist with the use of osmanthus flowers.

Refreshing, fragrant and chilled, the osmanthus raindrop cake was served with soy powder and brown sugar syrup. Overall, we found it simple, minimalistic and refined without being overpretentious.


Overall, Full of Luck Restaurant is an affordable, casual version of Li Bai, the highly acclaimed Cantonese restaurant, without compromising on the quality of ingredients and its refined, traditional cooking. We loved how it showcased traditional Cantonese cooking, with a modern twist. Health buffs will also be delighted to have this restaurant as another dining option. 

We highly recommend it for cosy family gatherings. Of course, the auspicious name and convenient location right outside the Holland Village MRT are a major plus too!

Full of Luck Restaurant
243 Holland Ave, Singapore 278977
(Holland Village MRT Exit B)

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[Review] Bober Tea: The Latest Tea Joint in Bishan!

Infused fruit tea has been the latest food/ drink trend in Singapore recently and probably an evolution from the bubble tea craze during my school days. It is not difficult to see why fruits have become a part of this fad, given the more health-conscious youth of today.

Riding on this wave is Bober Tea which offers a variety of innovative drinks using tea blends as its base, and we heard that the inspirations behind this came from the owner's travels in Taiwan, Japan and China.

Conveniently located at Bishan MRT Exit C, this new stall offers a wide range of creative premium drinks such as yakult tea, Hokkaido milk cap tea and of course the usual bubble milk tea. Premium ingredients are used, including Hokkaido milk and pure matcha powder for the tea, and collagen jelly, aloe vera jelly, Okinawa black sugar and fresh fruits such as passionfruits, strawberries and grapefruits for the toppings.

On entering the stall, we were intrigued by the wide variety of drinks available. They include the Roasted Walnut Oolong Milk Tea (S$3.00), Salted Caramel Milk Tea (S$3.50), Black Sugar Konjac Jelly Milk Tea (S$3.60), Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop (S$5.50) etc. We were really spoilt for choice!

Since its opening earlier this month, the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Hot Brown Sugar Pearls (S$3.80) has been the bestseller.

We tried some of the selections and have to say that the drinks were overall not overly sweet and offered a good alternative to plain old brewed tea.

Here are our top 5 recommendations!

1) For a refreshing taste: Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop

For those who prefer something more digestive after a heavy meal, the Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba Pop (S$5.50) is a good choice. This fruity green tea was refreshing with generous slices of fresh grapefuit, and I loved how the popping boba toppings tickled my palate. It was so fun bursting those balls of fruit juices in my mouth and definitely a more enjoyable alternative to chewing on the normal tapioca pearls in bubble teas (especially for lazy people like me).

In case you have not tried boba pops before, they are juice-filled balls with thin gel-like skin. The ingredients generally consist of water, sugar, fruit juice or other fruity flavours and they are really fun because they burst when squeezed!


2) For the health-conscious: Supreme Fruit Burst

For the more health-conscious, this will definitely go up your alley: The Supreme Fruit Burst (S$7.20) with a choice of green tea or red tea base. At 1000ml, this towering cup comes with a generous filling of various fresh fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, orange and lime. Top marks for creativity also for the use of passionfruits bits in place of tapioca pearls!

3) For Better Skin: Ayu Lemon Yakult with Aloe Vera

Overall a sour and refreshing drink, the Ayu Lemon Yakult with Aloe Vera (S$5.90) came in a base of yakult and tea which surprisingly complemented well with each other. Aloe vera is known to be effective in treating a variety of skin ailments such as dry or sunburnt skin. With a generous serving of aloe vera, one can't help but feel better (especially on the outside) after drinking it!

4) For the Milk Lover: Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea

The Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea (S$4.10) was named as such, as it was designed to have a layer of milk on the top. Somehow though, when I finally got to my drink an hour later, the layers were mixed up and the owner shared that it was because of the choice of lighter (and healthier) Hokkaido milk used instead of cream. Interestingly and contrary to what your eyes may tell you, this drink bears a strong tea taste which at times overpowers the milk. I like it!

5) For the Lactose-Intolerant: Golden Oolong Tea with Roasted Walnut

For the traditionalist or lactose-intolerant, take the Golden Oolong Tea with Roasted Walnut (S$2.40 + $0.60 for walnut toppings). The earthy taste of the walnut bits goes really well with the tea fragrance!


Jumping on this latest tea trend is Bober Tea which offers innovative drinks with premium ingredients and toppings. The wide variety of drinks means that there is something for everyone - great for bringing to parties or family gatherings! Personally, I like how I can customise my drinks with toppings such as boba pops, aloe vera jelly or even collagen jelly.

Btw, something I also love and didn't expect was getting a cute cartoon box which came with each purchase of 6 drinks. With hand-drawn motifs, these take-away boxes were just too cute to resist!

Bober Tea
200 Bishan Road #01-01,
Singapore 579827
(Bishan MRT Exit C)

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9 Reasons Why You Should Visit the DBS Marina Regatta 2018

It's the start of the school holidays and the DBS Marina Regatta 2018 is also back again. Set against the backdrop of our stunning Marina Bay skyline at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, this is Singapore's biggest bay festival and an event not to be missed with the family.

The Marina Regatta is held over 2 weekends, on 26-27 May and 2-3 June 2018, and I visited it on the first weekend. Apart from the free admission, here are 9 reasons why you should come by!

1) Battle Bay Extreme: Challenge Yourself, Do Good!

Battle Bay Extreme, Southeast Asia’s largest first-of-its-kind land and water obstacle course, offers 3 levels of difficulties suitable for participants of varying fitness levels. Powered by Under Armour, get your adrenaline rush by tackling obstacles like tilting hexagons, inverted walls and wire crawls. Come out tops in each level to win various prizes such as JBL gear! Proceeds from the registration fees will be donated to Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities.

Registration fees start from S$8. Onsite registration is available, details here.

2) Sail by the Bay: Set Sail, Admire the Scenary!

Set sail on a DBS sailboat and experience the amazing views of Marina Bay. As the bay area is not always open to the public, I would say that this is one of the rare opportunities not to be missed. Each sailboat can accommodate between 4 to 8 people, and each sailing slot is 40 minutes each. Safety briefings will be conducted before each session. 

Free admission. Meeting point is next to Customs House, adjacent to the Promontory at Marina Bay. Onsite registration is available, details here.

3) Game Challenges: Have Fun with the Family!

For those visiting the event with your family, everyone young and old will enjoy the various game booths at the mini carnival. Relive your childhood through simple games such as "basketball" and "shoot the can". My dad also enjoyed himself! Stand a chance to take home souvenirs such as water bottles, drinks, sunblock packs generously given by various sponsors.

Free admission.

4) Bay Passport: Collect Stamps, Win Prizes!

After trying your hands at the various game booths, remember to collect a stamp! Explore the area and complete at least 5 tasks/ stamps (including those at the game booths) on your Bay Passport to join the On-the-Spot Lucky Draw and Grand Draw. The tasks are easy, and include recycling a bottle or uploading a photo of yourself on Instagram. Prizes like the Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate 10, Scoot flight tickets to Berlin, Maldive and Kuching are up for grabs.

Free admission.

5) Creators Market: Learn Something, Get Crafty!

The Creators Market is where interactive hands-on workshops and sharing sessions are conducted. Ideal for the whole family, attend a series of wellness, kid-friendly upcycling or craft workshops together! As a foodie, I recommend the hands-on Granola Bar, Acai Bowl and Latte Art classes.

Workshops are at S$20 each. Online registration is available, details here.

6) Mahota: Eat and Explore!

Mahota believes in conscious consumption and encouraging a lifestyle focusing on holistic wellness. Here, shop for organic fresh produce and healthy superfoods at the grocery retail stalls, or take up an urban farming class set within the beautiful space set amidst lush greenery. One of the stalls I recommend is the one selling kombucha. Known for its digestive benefits, I first tried the drink in the Maldives and love how it tastes like apple cider. It's very likely the first such stall in Singapore, so we were really glad to find it here!

Free admission, but pay for your own food! :)

7)  Dragon Boat Races: Cheer On!

Organised in partnership with the Singapore Dragon Boat Association, the DBS Marina Regatta 2018 is definitely about the dragon boat races as well. In the 7th edition of this international competition, choose a team amongst the 80 from across Asia and cheer on as it competes for the largest prize money on offer for the sport in Asia!

Free admission. Details here

8) Buskers by the Bay: Sing Along, Support Budding Talents!

Here's busking with a fun and competitive twist! Aligned to DBS' new brand promise, "Live more, Bank less", Buskers by the Bay is a platform that allows buskers and street artists to showcase their talents to a wider audience! Do support the buskers who will collect contributions during their performance. Who knows, you may also recognise your favourite busker from Orchard Road playing your favourite song!

Free admission. Details of the performers here.

9) ArtBox: Eat and Shop! 

A short walk away from the main Regatta area is the ArtBox. As the overseas edition of the famous hipster pop-up market from Bangkok, this will not require any introduction. With over 160 F&B stalls and many others offering a unique and eclectic range of fashion, handcrafts, simply indulge in a whole afternoon/ evening of eating and shopping! Don't miss the 20 social enterprises as well which are supported by the DBS Foundation, a champion for social enterprises in Asia. 

PS: In case you were wondering, this year's event space is almost 3 times the size of last year's and crowd management has improved!

Free admission. Arrive from the Bayfront MRT, exit from MBS Convention Centre. Details here.


The DBS Marina Regatta 2018 is all about family fun, learning, eating, shopping and giving back to society. As some parts of the event are held outdoors, do bring along your umbrella, sunglasses, a change of clothes (if you are taking part in the physical activities) - and of course your camera!

Post-Event Update: For those who want to relive those fun-filled memories, view the videos here: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4.

(This post is published in collaboration with DBS.)

DBS Marina Regatta 2018
26 - 27 May | 2 - 3 June
The Promontory @ Marina Bay
Website here.

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[Travel] 8 Reasons Why You Need a Gaston Luga Bag!

Looking for a suave bag for the upcoming summer holiday trip, a casual day out or a gift for someone special?

After searching around for a durable and sleek backpack that I could use for weekends or travel, I was so glad I came across Gaston Luga's bags. 

A Swedish brand, Gaston Luga is known for its simple yet elegant backpacks that suit various occasions. 3 designs are available: Classic, Praper and Classy, and I eventually chose the Classic one with an outer pocket. Here are 8 reasons why!


Various colours are available.

1) Minimalist Design

For those who know me, you will know me that I am someone who is low profile and practical, so dainty branded handbags don't exactly go up my alley. What first drew me to this range of bags were the understated and timeless designs, but what really made the topping to a cake were the luxe leather finishes and metal buckle details. It's a really elegant and sleek-looking bag!

2) Sturdy

Gaston Luga's backpacks are made of strong durable canvas. I have so far used my bag quite extensively, including an occasion where I carried my laptop, iPad, charger and umbrella (amongst others) - and the bag survived it all. The inner soft cotton lining and four metallic feet under the bag also provide extra protection and rain resistence.

3) Big and Spacious

This 28 x 42 x 14cm backpack's inner drawstring feature makes it a roomy bag without being out of shape. Just look below at the number of bulky things I put into my bag for a recent day out - and that excludes my other personal items such as wallet, umbrella, purse, tissue etc!

4) Various Compartments

Something about spacious bags is how messy they can get. Mine sometimes just become one big dump, rendering it very difficult to find small items quickly. Hence, one of the key reasons why I love the Classic bag is how it opens up into various compartments. I like to use the innermost compartment for my iPad (can also fit laptops of up to 15 inches) and inner smaller ones for pens. The outer zipper pocket is for EzLink card and tissue.

5) Hidden Pocket

Speaking of compartments, one signature feature of Gaston Luga's backpacks is its hidden back pocket. While it is designed for keeping passport or travel ticket, I prefer using this pocket to keep my smartphone (my critical travel items are usually in unzipped compartments) and I really like how quickly I can whip out that gadget for photo opportunities!

6) Suitable for Him or Her for All Occasions

The versatile unisex design was also one of the major reasons why I chose this bag. Both my husband and I can take turns to use it (and of course it's even better that he can help me to carry my heavy bag when it filled up). We have so far used it for our dinner dates, staycations, work and gym sessions, but it can definitely also be used for school or even as a mum bag!

7) Free Express International Shipping

Free international shipping by DHL Express/ Fedex is included, and my bag arrived in Singapore from Europe only 3 days after checkout! The average delivery time is between 2 and 5 days. A tracking number is provided upon confirmation, so anxious customers can check the location real-time while it is still enroute.

8) Tax Rebate & Discount Code

In addition, there is a 20% off tax rebate for customers in Singapore (or other non-EU countries) and further 15% off with my unique code “hedgehog15” on the remaining price after tax rebate. With the rebates/ discounts, this premium bag costs S$196.52 (U.P. S$289). Do check the webpage in case there are any price revisions!


Overall, Gaston Luga's backpacks are very sturdy and multi-purpose. With their classy and functional designs, I would highly recommend them for day trips, staycations or travelling. They look so good in photos! This also makes for a perfect birthday or graduation gift; additional gift packaging is available for purchase.

Gaston Luga  
Various colours and designs available; website here.
Quote “hedgehog15” at checkout for 15% off!

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